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Welcome to CrossFit Wellbeing. Find your fitness with over 25 sessions each week.

CrossFit Wellbeing is an amazing facility that prides itself on improving the quality of life for every individual that steps through our doors.

Our world class coaches are able to cater to various training styles, individual needs and goals. We bring you a level of understanding and coaching that is unmatched.

The CrossFit stimulus

The doctor gives you a drug to bring your cholesterol down, a different drug to raise your bone density. You might need bariatric surgery if you have morbid obesity. If you have paved-over coronary arteries, they can do bypass surgery. If you become Type 2 diabetic, the doctor can put you on insulin. But all of these are not fixes. They are masking the problem.

If you have persistent malignant hypertension, you should take an antihypertensive if you cannot get your blood pressure down otherwise. But how would you get it down otherwise? CrossFit holds a uniquely elegant solution to the greatest problem facing the world today.

The CrossFit stimulus—which is constantly varied high-intensity functional movement coupled with meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. It is elegant in the mathematical sense of being marked by simplicity and efficacy. It is so simple.

Doctors are like lifeguards; CrossFit trainers are like swim coaches. When you are drowning, you do not need a swim coach. You needed one, and you did not get one. What you need is a lifeguard. We teach people how to swim, and when they do not pay attention and they go under, the doctors take care of it.

With that our singular focus on work capacity, we can avoid chronic disease and there is nothing really to worry about. You have the lifestyle answer. Make it to the gym, eat like we tell you, and enjoy yourself. This community is doing a lot of good things on a lot of fronts. Yet our gyms are thriving not because of our impact on chronic disease. They are thriving because the end users, the customers, are extremely happy with the transformation. And it is part physical, part emotional, part health markers, part relationships. That is the miracle of CrossFit: people are getting something that they did not even know they wanted or needed.

Together, as CrossFitters, we’re changing the world by improving the fitness and health of our families, neighbours, and communities.

Our Centre works with children, seniors and everyone in between so come in today and let’s create the “you” that you deserve!

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