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This fitness program is designed for all levels and experience to develop the healthiest version of you. We focus on instructing the importance of proper movement through full range of motion with functional exercises.

This produces a fitness level that is highly transferable to all athletic pursuits as well as daily functional physical tasks. This promotes sustainable Health , Wellness and longevity.

Individuals within the program develop greater understanding of applying force dynamically and statically while maximising strength to weight ratio and improving functional capacity. Enhancing individual’s competency in physical tasks by improving Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Strength,Stamina, Flexibility, Power, Agility, Co-ordination and Balance.

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Is CrossFit Right for Me?

If you are someone who:

  • Is looking to get in shape but can’t face going to a gym
  • Has lost interest in your gym routine
  • Thinks you don’t have time to exercise
  • Is looking to get faster or stronger in your sport
  • Is no longer seeing results with your current training regime, OR
  • Just plain wants to look good in a bathing suit

Then CrossFit is for YOU. Every workout is different, and since you will rarely do the same thing twice, you are less likely to lose interest or get bored than if you were doing the same circuits at the gym three days a week. Our athletes have seen dramatic changes in their speed, strength, performance, and body composition.

Finally, CrossFit is FUN! Our coaches and participants are welcoming, supportive, and committed to creating an environment where everyone can succeed.


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