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The obesity epidemic is a contemporary challenge for developed countries. To address increasing overweight and obesity rates, the Australian Government has developed initiatives such as the National Obesity Taskforce and the Healthy Living Ministerial Taskforce. To date, the focus has largely been on obesity as a health issue and little has been done in response to obesity as a workplace concern. However, larger workers have implications for workplace health and safety and the workers’ compensation system. Increasing overweight and obesity rates suggest, for example, that more workers will carry excess weight, are likely to be unfit, and be physically impaired.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing at a rapid rate worldwide. The World Health Organisation (WHO 2008) estimates that more than one billion people are overweight, and at least 300 million of them are obese. Australia is among the most overweight and obese of the developed nations.

Overweight and obesity represents a major concern as excess body weight and lack of physical activity is associated with many serious chronic health conditions. It has been suggested that life expectancy may fall for the first time in living memory as a consequence of increasing obesity rates, especially in children who may die before their parents due to health complications arising from being obese.

Crossfit Wellbeing is the only gym and fitness centre, centrally located to businesses within the Belrose Business Park.

We are offering local businesses a unique opportunity for their workforce, which will help them encourage a more fit and healthy workplace, which can in turn reduce the risk of chronic illness. Benefits of a Corporate Fitness Program

Group fitness classes motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy which, in turn, saves the employer money by reducing absenteeism.

  • Fit and healthy employees also have improved mental health and attitude, which translates to better workplace morale. Employees that are active and exercise report a higher job satisfaction than employees that don’t do any exercise.
  • Beyond Blue, Australia’s depression initiative, promotes regular exercise and physical activity as a way to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help in the prevention of, and recovery from, depression Postural improvements for staff
  • Heightened productivity from workers as it is proven regular exercise enhances energy levels and Creates a more collaborative work place as training together promotes team building and community within the work place.
  • Less sick days.

How does it work?:

Specific classes for your work place only. With programming to cater for all levels of fitness, experience and goals. 1hour or 45 Min Classes.

Monday – Friday

  • AM Option
    7am , 8am , 9am  , 10am , 11am
  • PM option
    2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 7.30pm

General economics are employee pays a contribution of $10 per session and employer matches
payment of $10

If you have a specific fitness requirements in mind, please call us to discuss your requirements.
We’re confident we’ll be able provide you with an expert group fitness instructor or personal trainer
to lead your program.

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