All membership terms & conditions have been established to ensure maximum enjoyment and usage of the facility and its services to the members. On acceptance by CrossFit Wellbeing of this agreement you will be referred to as the “member” and have the usage rights and obligation as detailed below.

1. MEMBERSHIP ACCESS: Membership commences on the date stated on the membership agreement. Membership allows unlimited access to our facility. Membership is personal to the “member” and the membership cannot be assigned or transferred to another person unless authorised by CrossFit Wellbeing.

2. DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT: CrossFit Wellbeing uses an external company to manage the direct debit payment system. When paying your membership weekly via this method, all Paysmart Pty Ltd terms and conditions must be agreed upon. All fees incurred by us due to dishonoured payments will be recovered on your next debit along with reasonable administrative costs (this may be in addition to any fees incurred to you from Paysmart Pty or your bank. Please check all direct debit documentation before signing. No Refunds of any kind.

3. MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: Membership contract terms (3, 6 or 12 months) are agreed to be paid for by you each week/fortnight/month or pre paid. Contract terms are to be a continual period, if a HOLD is requested, the weeks will be added at the completion of the original term. All memberships have an initial 3 month contract commitment. For contracts of 3, 6 or 12 months, a 1 (one) month cooling off period is available. If after 30 days you wish to cancel, it must be done so in writing before the 30 day expiration, otherwise membership debits will continue.

4. MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION: CrossFit Wellbeing reserves the right to cancel this membership agreement at its discretion. The member may cancel their membership by giving the centre a minimum of 14 days notice in writing in line with the member’s regular FULL payment cycle and term. Any payments due within the cancellation period are still valid and are required to be paid and will be collected at the time of cancellation (should your account be on a weekly hold fee, your account will revert to your full membership dues). For contracts of 3, 6 or 12 month a $200 cancellation fee will be collected at the time of cancellation, which will be held in case of your return. If you choose to return the $200 will be applied as a credit to your return membership.

5. MEMBERSHIP HOLD: A member on an Unlimited access membership may suspend their membership a maximum of 4 weeks per year. 7 days written notice must be given outlining your end and return dates and all suspensions will be in line with your payment schedule and not necessarily your leave dates. A member on a limited access membership may suspend their membership a maximum of 2 weeks per year. A fee of $11.00 per week is charged for all suspensions. The member’s usual payments will be re-activated automatically after their written suspension period has been completed, if return dates fall within a payment period, a part payment will be taken on your normal payment cycle to reflect the following periods access.

6. MEMBERS RESPONSIBILITIES: The member will ensure they complete a pre-exercise questionnaire before commencing their first session. The member agrees to provide an accurate health and fitness profile prior and during engagement in an exercise program with CrossFit Wellbeing. The member is aware that photography may occur during sessions and gives permission for this to be used for marketing purposes that include social media, flyers, newsletters and the company website.

We understand that member-trainer sessions are confidential and information regarding between member/trainer is not be disclosed to others outside the sessions unless required for your safety in other sessions amongst other staff.
For all privately booked sessions members are required to give a minimum of 24hours notice to cancel. Failure to do so will result in session being forfeited

7. OPERATIONAL & FACILITY RULES: CrossFit Wellbeing reserves the right to vary, add or eliminate from time to time the hours or schedule of any classes or services. Please check all timetables and member information for changes

• You agree and accept that a particular facility or service may not be available for participation due to a prior booking, mechanical breakdown, fire, act of God, loss of lease, or any other reason. You agree not to hold the centre responsible for such occurrences

• All members must be 16yrs of age and older to be a member and participate in classes at CrossFit Wellbeing. Where personal storage areas are provided, all care and no responsibility is taken for items contained within them

• All members agree to comply with all rules. Members must not carry out any illegal acts in the facility and must comply with all our health and safety requirements. If a member carries out any activity which we consider offensive or dangerous to you or another person, we reserve the right to ask you to leave immediately. This may also result in cancellation of membership. These rules may be changed from time to time and will be posted around the facility.

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