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Ben Carey


What are you most proud of?
I’m proud of the fact I have lost 10 kilos since starting CrossFit but also the fact I have made CrossFit more a way of life and my day, work, kids revolve around it.


Scott McLellan

Sports Coach, Sydney

Why CrossFit?….wanted to try something different and now love the fitness and fun side. Really enjoy the culture and friendliness in the gym.




My husband does CrossFit and encouraged me to ‘give it a go’. I turned up for a weeks trial and 2.5 years later I wish I had started sooner! What I love the most about Crossfit is the variety of movements, the community and how it pushes me to push myself.

Kim Norman

Sales Director, Sydney

Why CrossFit?…. functional fitness has given me the best overall results. Fitness levels have increased, strength has increased and body fat has decreased. I have learned a new approach to food and lifestyle choices. The one on one attention from CrossFit trainers means I have had no injury and can scale every exercise to my own ability. The mental benefits of regular exercise of this nature helps me deal with the stress of my job and everyday life.



Plumber, Paul Raicevich, Sydney

Although CrossFit has made me want more.
My main goals would be to improve my technique and mobility to help with the gymnastic movements and olypimic lifting.

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